Lock and Code S1Ep10: Pulling apart the Internet of Things with JP Taggart

Lock and Code S1Ep19: Forecasting IoT cybersecurity with John Donovan and Adam Kujawa

This week on Lock and Code, we offer something special for listeners—a backstage pass to a cybersecurity training that we held for employees during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which ended in October.

The topic? The future of cybersecurity for the Internet of Things.

Our guests, Chief Information Security Officer John Donovan and Security Evangelist and a Director for Malwarebytes Labs Adam Kujawa guide us through some of the future’s most pressing questions. Will we ever run antivirus software on IoT devices? What predictions can we make for how the cybersecurity industry will respond to the next, possible big IoT attack? And what can we do today to stay safe?

This episode was recorded live in front of our fellow Malwarebytes employees (over Zoom, of course, as is tradition during the coronavirus pandemic). The episode even includes a Q&A with our employees.

Tune in to get a glimpse into how Malwarebytes helped its own employees during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, on the latest episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

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