Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College

“The fact that we had the ThreatDown suite, the MDR and all that in place, ticked off a good two thirds of the requirements for GLBA in and of itself.” — Steve Stone, Director of Information Technology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College


Protecting Sunnyside SD Student and Staff Mac Machines, Wherever They Go

Sunnyside School District

“Anything our IT team can do remotely makes us more efficient. With Malwarebytes’ cloud console, we can remotely manage endpoint protection and see the state of all the machines in a single view, whether the user’s machine is on or off campus.” — David Peterson, IT Coordinator, Sunnyside School District


Alden Central Schools

Protection so effective and simple, students can manage their updates

“It’s important to have a pulse on what’s going on with our endpoint security protection. Without that, we’d be operating blind. As a cloud-based solution, Malwarebytes gives us that visibility. The data we get from the console gives us a lot of peace of mind.” — Frank Rizzo, Director of Instructional and Information Technology / CIO, Alden Central Schools


Trinity College

Trinity College eliminates malware and gets a solution that supports future growth

“Malwarebytes catches malware and deals with it straightaway. Done and dusted. It has given us back 20% of our work week by not having to restore infected machines, and our vendor experience is exceptional.” — Andrew Larner, Director of IT


Alamo Colleges District eradicates malware from endpoints

ThreatDown keeps academic systems protected and open

“Since deploying ThreatDown, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in malware infections. ThreatDown gives our teams time to focus their efforts on other strategic priorities.” — Oscar T. Salazar, IT Risk and Security Manager, Alamo Colleges District


East Irondequoit CSD Claims Victory Over Emotet Trojan with Malwarebytes

It’s not often a school district can create a model for modernizing teaching pedagogy through digital transformation while also successfully weathering a pervasive Trojan infection on the first week of school.

“ThreatDown made it possible to knock down the Emotet infection in twenty days without taking down our network. It’s great to detect infections but to have a solution that also isolates and disinfects the infection is huge. I believe ThreatDown has a powerful solution, and no one currently has anything close to it.” — Joseph Sutorius, Chief Information Officer East Irondequoit Central School District


Malwarebytes has been a bacon saver in so many instances

University of Texas

“”Malwarebytes provides strong protection. It has been a bacon savor in so many instances throughout the years in our institution.”” — Bobby Yanez, Information Security Analyst


Fountaindale Public Library

Library gains a malware-free zone with Malwarebytes

“ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes, just works. We have the safety and security of knowing that we’re protected against ransomware attacks and pretty much any other type of malware. ” — John Matysek, Information Technology Manager Fountaindale Public Library


Getting onto the cloud was much simpler than I thought it would be

“Prior to switching to Malwarebytes, all we were doing was backing up and restoring data and re-imaging machines because full-disk encryption kept crashing our systems. We were doing it up to 5 times every week, now maybe once or twice a month.” — Karl Henry, Technical Manager, Fairleigh Dickinson University


Malwarebytes eradicates Emotet and keeps students and staff protected

“Malwarebytes has worked flawlessly from the get-go and lets us focus on the million IT projects we need to manage every day. There’s constantly a new threat, so with Malwarebytes doing the security job, it’s one less thing we need to worry about is huge.” — Scott Howes, Jr. Network Administration Holyoke Public School


Bloomsburg school district stays clear of ransomware

ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes, restores confidence against ransomware attacks

“ThreatDown gives us the security of knowing that malware and ransomware will be quarantined before infecting a user’s device, keeping machines from being compromised. ” — Gary Honabach, Technology Systems Administrator, Bloomsburg Area School District


Waverley Christian College creates a malware-free curriculum

ThreatDown delivers fast response and remediation for “invisible” malware

“ThreatDown’ response was phenomenal. That, combined with the ability to site-license the product for our two campuses, made our decision easy. We replaced Kaspersky with ThreatDown endpoint protection.” — Alan Oh,ICT Manager, Waverley Christian College


Catherine McAuley College assures endpoint protection

ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes, delivers visibility across systems for high confidence

“ThreatDown gives us tremendous confidence because we have visibility across our entire fleet. We know we are protected.” — David Mitchell, ICT Coordinator, Catherine McAuley College


St. Catherine’s School replaces Sophos with ThreatDown

Stops ransomware and reclaims IT time with ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes

“ThreatDown detected and remediated far more threats than our previous solution. We uncovered and removed thousands of pups, pums, and malware incidents that had been lurking silently on systems.” — John Toulantas, ICT Manager, St Catherine’s School


All Saints Grammar turns the tables on persistent malware

Malwarebytes finds hidden threats and restores IT confidence

“Malwarebytes is a huge success. It keeps teachers teaching, students safer, and allows me to focus on more strategic IT issues. It delivers confidence, which enables me to sleep at night—Sophos did not.” — Andre Tomlinson, Network Administrator/IT Manager, All Saints Grammar


San José Unified School District cleans up Mac malware

ThreatDown protects sensitive data on teachers' MacBook laptops

“ThreatDown Incident Response is one of the best tools we have on our tool belt. It’s easy to deploy, use, and understand, and gives us great insight.” — Patrick Scanlan, Supervisor Technology & Data Services, San José Unified School District


“…more features for the same price. Cloud was a no-brainer.”

“The cloud version has lots of great updates that make management and troubleshooting much easier. Everything is now accessible and it’s easy to see what’s happening — or not — on every endpoint. For the same cost as before, upgrading was a no-brainer.” — Pat Kustok, Computer Technician, Reavis High School