A strong solution gives Morcan a Win-Win MSP partnership with Malwarebytes

Morcan IT Solutions

“One of the things I love about Malwarebytes is how quickly we can prop it up in a free trial mode. At no cost and a quick deployment, I can show a company that they’ve got security holes in their networks. So reselling Malwarebytes isn’t that difficult at all.” — Roger Eales, Director and Co-Owner, Morcan IT Solutions


Hooton Tech

Hooton Tech

“I’ve long led my MSP business from the approach that I only sell technology that I believe in and use myself. For endpoint protection, that’s Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes leads the market with its lightweight footprint, ease of use, and steadfast reliability in stopping threats.” — Shane Hooton, Owner, Hooton Tech


Miken Technologies

Effective, fast endpoint protection retains happy customers

“I’m always testing other endpoint security products. There’s nothing at the level of Malwarebytes for providing great protection while not eating up resources. The product is lightweight and preserves the employees’ good PC experience.” — Jarod Smothers, Technical Consultant, Miken Technologies



Strong ransomware protection and vendor partnership that supports business growth

“Malwarebytes has all the features that enable an MSP to keep their customers safe. Since partnering with Malwarebytes, not a single one of our clients has been hit by ransomware or malware. That steadfast protection is priceless.” — Stefano Festa, CEO, Netison


Support on the Spot

Delivering ransomware protection to support client productivity and growth

“Malwarebytes is quite simple and easy to manage. The OneView console has an ‘iOS feel’ to it that is clear and professional. It gives me every piece of information I need straight away, so I can immediately see the scan information and suspicious activity. Plus, I can look at my clients by billing cycle, which assists our operations from an accounting perspective.” — Seth Westrip, Chief Operating Officer Support on the Spot


Complete PC Solutions

Delivering on commitment of excellent service with Malwarebytes

As Malwarebytes’ first partner in Australia, we have developed a good, transparent relationship where we share information to mutually improve one another’s businesses.” — Frank Traintafyllou, Managing Director Complete PC Solutions



SOLVit gains trusted endpoint security partner that fortifies cloud IT services strategy

“I can’t underline enough the confidence the Malwarebytes product gives us that our clients are protected. There was always a lingering doubt with other vendors, and we don’t have that with Malwarebytes. Also, when there’s a Windows update, we don’t hold our breath anymore. We know that our clients will be protected and that we won’t be getting phone calls in the middle of the night.” — Damien Samios, Managing Director SOLVit Network Support


Katana IT

Katana IT saves time and money with effective endpoint protection solution

“Malwarebytes’ effectiveness is a major win; it just does the job. We used to spend a high amount of labor handling an average of 12 endpoint issues each month. That’s all recouped time and money we’ve gained with Malwarebytes.” — Luke Santillo, Senior IT Consultant Katana IT


Aberdean delivers on proactive security strategy with Malwarebytes

“Malwarebytes works great and does everything that we need it to for endpoint protection. And, the OneView dashboard lets us manage client licenses and see endpoint data across all our clients. That’s a huge resource savings for us any time we have a single pane of glass that enables us to manage multiple clients at the same time.” — Jim Blair, Managing Director, Aberdean Consulting


iLoos Informatique Colmar-Case

Trusted partnership from local, technical resources provided by Malwarebytes

“Malwarebytes makes it possible to provide our clients with a proven, effective endpoint security solution. The product’s proven, effective capabilities and access to local, technical support give us confidence to say that we offer our clients an exceptionally good solution for their security.” — Philippe Rodenstein, Manager


Supporting customers with endpoint protection that just works

“Malwarebytes keeps my customers’ endpoints working smoothly and quickly. And with the One View dashboard, I can easily narrow down which endpoints require attention, which makes it really fast for us to manage our customer needs.” — Todd Benedict, Owner, Edge Computers



Ensures effective protection for client endpoints with ThreatDown, powered by Malwarebytes

“We haven’t had any ransomware or malware issues with our client machines running Malwarebytes. Because our customers have less issues, we have reassurance and confidence in the quality of our endpoint security offering, which has also increased our customer satisfaction.” — Gary Meers, Chief Technology Officer SaberVox


Sentrian prevents ransomware from disrupting its clients businesses

Malwarebytes Managed Services Provider Program gives Sentrian an edge

“The Malwarebytes MSP program has been very positive, helping us partner more effectively with our clients. End users are getting the protection they need, and Sentrian gains the assurance of partnering with an industry leader to stay on top of current and emerging security threats.” — Graeme Wilson, Network Operations Manager, Sentrian


Compunet IT Solutions

Safeguarding clients from emerging threats

“Malwarebytes has been a game changer, dropping the level of risk for our clients. And the cloud-based MSP platform gives us proactive, full oversight to manage our entire customer base, rather than a one-on-one, break-fix approach. With Malwarebytes, we’re the fully-fledged source of trust for our clients’ endpoint security.” — Tony Healy, Director Compunet IT Solutions