The global impact of ransomware

The global impact of ransomware

We’ve had a lot to say about ransomware over the last few months. We’ve looked at the relationship between ransomware and malvertising, discussed how ransomware is dominating the threat landscape, and talked about how to protect your business from this threat.

We’re taking a hard look at ransomware for good reason: the return on investment for cybercriminals yields tremendous profit for little effort, and they’ve been ramping up efforts to target businesses over the last year.

And now we have data to demonstrate how that increased effort has affected businesses around the world. A couple months ago, we sponsored a report conducted by Osterman Research on the global impact of ransomware. We’ve compiled the most compelling pieces of that data into an infographic. The results speak for themselves.

Click here for the full PDF version.

global impact of ransomware


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