Image of a castle with guards defending it with Malwarebytes shields

What is real-time protection and why do you need it? 

The constant barrage of cyber threats can be overwhelming for all of us. And, as those threats evolve and attackers find new ways to compromise us, we need a way to keep on top of everything nasty that’s thrown our way. 

Malwarebytes’ free version tackles and reactively resolves threats already on your system, but the real-time protection you get with Malwarebytes Premium Security goes one step further and actively monitors your computer’s files, processes, and system memory in real time to block threats before they have a chance to do any damage. You don’t need to worry about what happens after your initial scan, because real-time protection is actively waiting to combat new threats and keep you safe. 

Imagine your computer is like a castle, and you want to protect your people from potential invaders. Having real-time protection is like having guards stationed all around your castle, constantly watching for signs of trouble and stopping them in their path before they can cause harm. 

Here’s how guarding that castle looks like in cybersecurity terms: 

1. Proactive and continuous monitoring

      We monitor your files, processes, and system memory, your incoming and outgoing data, and the behavior of applications on your system. All in real time. 

      2. Dynamic detection

        Unlike traditional approaches that rely heavily on detecting malware that is already known to exist, Malwarebytes employs dynamic detection techniques, such as heuristic analysis, behavior monitoring, and machine learning to detect and block threats based on their behavior and characteristics, even if the threats have never been seen before.  

        3. Multi-layered defense

          Malwarebytes real-time protection offers a multi-layered approach to security, combining various technologies to provide comprehensive protection against a variety of threats. This includes protection against viruses, ransomware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), spyware, trojans, exploits, and other forms of malware.  

          4. Rapid response 

            When Malwarebytes detects suspicious activity or potential threats, it responds quickly. Malwarebytes quarantines or removes malicious files, protects you from harmful websites, and blocks unauthorized access to your system.  

            5. Minimal impact 

              Malwarebytes runs quietly in the background and protects you without hogging your device’s resources.  

              6. Regular updates to malware detection database 

                To ensure our program is equipped to detect and block the latest threats, we continuously update our database and algorithms.  

                In short, real-time protection serves as a proactive defense layer against constantly evolving cyber threats. Having this layer improves your cybersecurity and gives you peace of mind in this increasingly digital world.  

                Don’t just take our word for it: Malwarebytes Premium Security was awarded “Product of the Year” in a recent AVLab test

                Keep yourself protected and upgrade to Malwarebytes Premium Security.  

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