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Get proactive protection. Consider Malwarebytes Identity
Theft Protection for rapid alerts and preventative features
to keep your personal information safe with ease.

Update your passwords across the sites you use, especially
those involved in any breaches. Make sure to use a variety
of passwords. Consider using a password manager.

Set up multi-factor authentication. MFA adds an extra layer of security 
when logging in to your online accounts, and stops anyone from
logging in with just your password. 

Scan your device. It may not be immediately obvious how your
data was compromised (malware, scam call, etc.) so start with a
good antivirus program to scan your system for any potential threats. 

Check your financial accounts.  If you suspect potential identity
theft, freeze or close affected accounts and follow these
additional steps to protect yourself.

Stay vigilant.  Continue to monitor your inbox, online accounts,
financial accounts, and credit for suspicious activity. 

Hack into your email and send phishing messages to your contacts.

Access your social media account and ask for ransom, or damage your reputation.

Steal your money by using your identity to open a credit account or take out a loan.



Safeguard beyond your devices
with our security, privacy & identity plan

Starting at


$113.99 billed annually

1 device plans cover Identity Theft Protection for one adult.

2+ device plans cover Identity Theft Protection
for two adults (age 18+) and up to ten children (age <18).

Malwarebytes Identity Advanced
Extensive identity theft protection with rapid monitoring & alerts, credit monitoring, live agent recovery & restoration, and $1 million of identity insurance.

Malwarebytes Premium Security
Smarter than your average antivirus. Finds threats on 40% of devices with another antivirus installed, and crushes them.

Malwarebytes Browser Guard
A browser extension for a faster, safer, and more private browsing experience.

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN
A next-gen VPN to protect your online privacy with speeds faster than traditional VPNs.

Included benefits

$1 million identity theft insurance

Identity theft threat monitoring

VPN and public Wifi protection

Device security