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What is this map? How does it work?

Malwarebytes catches and crushes tons of potential concerns – even if you already have an antivirus, anti-malware or other cyber security software installed. To prove it, this real-time map shows just how often Malwarebytes finds potential concerns on devices that have other cyber security solutions installed.

See those yellow dots? Here’s what those mean:

  • A device has a third-party antivirus installed;
  • Malwarebytes has run a remediation scan and;
  • We detected a potential concern. 

The leader board on the left is running tally of how many potential concerns may have gotten past the respective antivirus software tool. So, the higher the number, the more potential concerns could be sneaking through.

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Okay, time for the legal mumbo jumbo:

We can only identify antivirus programs registered in the Windows Security Center—and this map only reflects potential concerns our tool found on devices running the Windows operating system. We cannot see how you configured the other antivirus, when/whether it has been run, or distinguish when its detection files were last updated. The data is presented in accordance with the methodology explained above and there is no correlation or interpretation applied to such data. Given some browser limitations that may impact the performance of your computer, we limit the number of dots on the screen to 700 at any one time. If you’ve left the page running for some time, and go back to look for a specific dot, it may be gone. The counter on the right will continue to count the total number of detections for your browser session.

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