Malwarebytes Support Services

Premium Support Services

Premium support from the most trusted name in cybersecurity

Malwarebytes offers Premium Support Service options to meet the needs of global businesses, small and large, by helping accelerate return on your Malwarebytes business solutions.

Bronze Service

Designed for businesses that need production support

  • 24x7 Support
  • Basic Quick Start Services (QSS)
  • Designated Technical Account Manager

Silver Service

Designed for businesses that need business critical support

  • Includes Bronze Benefits
  • Advanced QSS
  • Priority Support & Case Routing
  • Designated Customer Support Engineer
  • Annual Account Health Check & Business Review

Gold Service

Designed for businesses that need mission critical support

  • Includes Silver Benefits
  • Unlimited QSS
  • Quarterly Account Health Check & Business Review

Quick Start Services

Quick Start Services are included in Premium Bronze, Premium Silver, and Premium Gold Services and can be purchased alone as needed.

Remote services aimed at customers who are interested in:


  • Project Management
  • Health Check
  • Deployment Planning
  • Migration Assistance

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