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What is stalkerware?

The Coalition Against Stalkerware defines ‘Stalkerware’ as tools – software programs, apps and devices – that enable someone to secretly spy on another person’s private life via their mobile device. The abuser can remotely monitor the whole device including web searches, geolocation, text messages, photos, voice calls and much more. Such programs are easy to buy and install. They run hidden in the background, without the affected person knowing or giving their consent. Regardless of stalkerware’s availability, the abuser is accountable for using it as a tool and hence for committing this crime.

‘Stalkerware’ Apps Help Domestic Abusers Spy On Their Victims

Watch Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski on this NBC News segment discussing stalkerware, and the large rise in the use of stalkerware apps during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our 2021 State of Malware Report found:


Stalkerware-type app detections, 2020


Monitor-type app detections, first half of 2020


Spyware app detections, 2020

Stalkerware guides

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How to protect against stalkerware

A murky but dangerous mobile threat

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Mobile stalkerware

A long history of detection

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Helping survivors of domestic abuse

What to do when you find stalkerware

Stalkerware FAQ

What is stalkerware?

How do you know if you have stalkerware on your phone?

How can you remove stalkerware?

Is stalkerware illegal?

Can Malwarebytes detect stalkerware-type applications?

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