Introducing Security Advisor Site Scores for OneView: Easy assessment of client security for MSPs 

In a world rife with cyber threats, it is crucial for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to conduct thorough assessments of their clients’ security posture. Even minor misconfigurations, if overlooked, can leave clients vulnerable to attacks.

Yet, lacking the necessary tools, many MSP IT teams are in the dark about the real status of their clients’ security, increasing the risk of cyber incidents for their customers.

The answer? A solution that enables organizations to visualize and improve their clients’ security posture in just a few minutes. Enter Security Advisor Site Scores for OneView. 

Security Advisor for OneView vision 

Security Advisor Site Scores for OneView enable MSPs to visualize the security posture of each client at a glance.

As Security Advisor for OneView further develops, it will empower MSP Admin users to closely monitor the overall health of their customer base, efficiently address issues, automate & scale actions, and facilitate seamless communication within our product. 

For now, let’s explore the Security Advisor Site Scores available today. 

Security Advisor Site Scores for OneView 

Site Score Metric 

Site Health Scores offer a clear snapshot of each client’s security posture, enabling MSP Admins to identify at-risk customers who require the most urgent action.

Factor Cards 

Each client Site Score contains detailed information about the factors contributing to its specific score. A low score on any factor indicates that action for improvement is needed in that category.

Factors that apply to all Sites Health Scores include policy configuration, scheduled scans, and endpoint status. Paid add-on modules such as DNS Filtering and Vulnerability & Patch Management will only impact the Site Health Score if the site is licensed for these products.

Benefits of the Security Advisor Site Scores for OneView 

Comprehensive List of all Sites Health Scores  

Within the OneView Sites page we have included each individual Site Score for MSPs to have a global view of the statuses of their entire customer portfolio. 

Comprehensive view of each end-customer health score 

Immediate Assessment of Security Posture for each client

Site Health Scores per can be clicked into to get a detailed look at individual client security. 

Site-level Health Score detail with Factors cards contributing to Site score 

In-depth Information with Factor Cards per Site 

By clicking on each Site Score, MSPs can view all the Factors cards that contribute to it. Low value on any factor directs the Admin user to the category of action they need to take within OneView console to improve the score. 

Each client Site Score contains detailed information about the factors contributing to its specific score.

Continuous Threat Monitoring 

Stay ahead of potential security issues with continuous assessment; client health scores are updated every 24 hours, with lower Site Scores indicating that action needs to be taken. 

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Bill Cozens

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