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Short bio

Backdoor.Sunburst is Malwarebytes’ detection name for a trojanized update to SolarWind’s Orion IT monitoring and management software.

Type and source of infection

Backdoor.Sunburst is a SolarWinds digitally-signed component of the Orion software framework that contains a backdoor that communicates via HTTP to third party servers. Backdoor.Sunburst has been widespread across organizations in a supply-chain attack. Backdoor.Sunburst uses multiple obfuscated blocklists to identify security and anti-virus tools running as processes, services, and drivers. It stores this information for later stages of an attack.


block Backdoor.Sunburst

Malwarebytes blocks Backdoor.Sunburst


Business remediation

How to remove Backdoor.Sunburst with the Malwarebytes Nebula console

You can use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Nebula console to scan endpoints.

Nebula endpoint tasks menu

Choose the Scan + Quarantine option. Afterwards you can check the Detections page to see which threats were found.

On the Quarantine page you can see which threats were quarantined and restore them if necessary.

Nebula Quarantaine


SHA256 hash: 32519B85C0B422E4656DE6E6C41878E95FD95026267DAAB4215EE59C107D6C77